Spotlight on Playwork

With the popularity of Megan’s Open Letter to The Grouchy Guy Killin’ Our Play Vibes, I thought it was high time we shared a little more about this playwork we keep talking about.

Megan, Cam and now Grace have been learning about playwork over the past year with our friends over at Pop-up Adventure Play. They’re the same organization that first introduced us to the ever popular pop-up adventure playgrounds we’ve been hosting in and around the city (stay tuned for the summer 2016 schedule coming shortly!) and have had a huge impact on how we as an organization understand our work with kids.

For a basic understanding of playwork as a field and a practice, we encourage you to check out these highly informative guides from The Children’s Play Information Service and Play Wales.

What Is Playwork (The Children’s Play Information Service)

Playwork Principles (Play Wales)

If you’re interested in finding out more or how we apply these principles to our work, we encourage you to check out our resource page or drop us a line!

Happy reading!


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