Graduation and Goodbyes

Today was a big day at L&M. It was graduation day for some and my personal last day before starting maternity leave.

In the three short years we’ve been here we’ve seen lots of kids come through our programs. While we’re lucky that our community keeps us all connected, we’ve come to expect that we’ll miss sharing the ins and outs of sharing our day-to-day with the playschoolers we’ve come to know so well and for so long. One of our graduates started when she was barely two years-old and has spent more than half of her life playing each week with us at L&M.

photo 2 (2)photo 1 (2) IMG_20160603_122142871 IMG_20160603_124414993 IMG_20160603_124652835 IMG_20160603_131021099

While I know my replacement Monique will be wonderful, I can’t help but think that part of me will miss the day-to-day with  my wonderful colleagues and all the families who have come to form our community. Cameron, Grace and Megan are much more than coworkers or even co-founders. They are true friends who I’ve had the privilege of working along side to bring The Lion and The Mouse from a vision to a reality. Their hard work, ingenuity and passion inspires me on a daily basis and I am excited to see what they and Monique have in store for The Lion and The Mouse in the coming year. Even more than that, I am grateful that my own son is part of such a vibrant and caring community and will one day be a proud L&M graduate himself.


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