Our Governance

The Lion and The Mouse is governed by a Board of Directors, made up of one parent, one community member, and one staff member, who oversee the organization. The Lion and The Mouse also holds Annual General Meetings (AGM) in September of each year. All members of the organization are invited to the AGM.

Our most recent AGM was held on September 12, 2015. Our Board of Directors, who have a two year mandate, were elected at the previous AGM on September 25, 2014.

As no community members held interest in the board, a parent stepped in to take the place of the community member for this upcoming year.

Our Board of Directors:

Derek Ruths, Parent-Member:

Derek Ruths is the father of two Lion and Mousers with one child on the way.  He’s been an enthusiastic and grateful member of Le Lion et La Souris community since it was founded in 2013.  By day he is a professor of Computer Science at McGill University where he manages the Network Dynamics research lab and offers a diverse array of classes. Among other things, he’s passionate about teaching deep computer literacy, raising resilient, adventurous kids, and spending time outdoors.

Rima Naim, Parent-Member:

Rima Naim owns and operates CoSolutions, a small Montreal-based financial consulting and real estate management company. She is a proud mom of three and is committed to contributing to her community. Rima joined the Canadian Red Cross in 2005. She began as an emergency response volunteer and, in 2008, became Team Leader for the Montreal branch. She is also a member of an advisory committee reporting to the Director General of the Quebec branch of the Canadian Red Cross. Moreover, she is the designated representative of that committee on the Quebec branch Council (Emergency & Disaster services). In addition, she was an external member of CPE Querbes Board of Directors from 2013-2014. She is currently a member of a working group (Réflexion pédagogique) at Nouvelle Querbes, an elementary school part of CSMB. Most recently, she was elected to the board of The Lion and The Mouse, a community organization in the Mile End. Rima Naim holds a bachelor of commerce in Finance from Montreal’s Concordia University.

Cameron MacLean, Employee-Member

Cameron was educated at St. Thomas University in Fredericton, New Brunswick, and holds two Bachelors degrees as well as diplomas in music education. He has worked as an early childhood educator since moving to Montreal in 2009. He has been particularly involved in curriculum planning and education for young children in the arts. Currently, aside from working at The Lion and The Mouse, he teaches music to children and adults with the Montreal Academy of Music and privately. He also works as a professional performing musician alongside his life as educator.

As a non-profit, we make public our annual finances as well as an annual report. You can request a copy of the Annual Report via email.