Our team


Megan Cohoe-Kenney, Co-founder/Lead Educator

In addition to her years of experience working with children, from babies to teenagers, in school settings, camps, preschools, and more, Megan’s background includes adult education and community-based and early childhood research. Megan is inspired by education that is built on mutual respect, particularly the work of Paulo Freire and Reggio Emilia’s Loris Malaguzzi. She loves exploring the outdoors, using the principles of the Forest School Movement to foster kids’ natural sense of adventure and reverence for the environment. Upon discovering the wonderful world of Playwork, and as a current Playwork student, she has become passionate – ergo, obsessed – with providing children with opportunities for child-led, self-directed play.



Margaret Fraser, Co-founder/ General Coordinator

While Margaret’s academic background is in Community Economic Development and social enterprise, she has spent the better part of her life working with children and families in one way or another, most often in a community setting.Having spent her own childhood exploring forests and beaches, she feels passionately about building a sustainable organization that can provide the same  opportunities for independent discovery to children living in an urban environment and a framework that can support them in their self-directed learning.



Gabrielle Doiron, Outreach Coordinator and Facilitator

Gabi is a researcher, writer, and arts educator who has worked with children in various roles over the last eight years. Previously she worked in public programs departments at galleries and museums in Ottawa. She also delivered visual arts, drama, and music workshops for children of all ages through the City of Ottawa’s Arts Animation outreach program. Gabi recently completed her MA research on the adventure playground movement in 1960s Canada. “Play” has been a major current in her research, from looking at Montreal’s park history to investigating trends in contemporary toy design. Gabi currently sits on the board for Les Amis du Champ des Possibles. She is passionate about nature education, free play with loose parts, and increasing access to these activities in the city for all children.


Cameron MacLean, Co-founder

Cam has worked with children as an educator and playworker – and in a broader sense as an advocate for emergent or child-led play, in various sectors – since 2008. He has worked with organizations such as La Tasse Gamine, the Montreal City Mission, as a music teacher within music schools as well as privately, and as a CIDA intern working with children and families as an educator in Cuba – in addition to his longstanding work with The Lion and The Mouse. He is passionate about playwork, forest school, and incorporating music into child-led play. Cam is also a professional musician, composer, and songwriter; whose projects (such as his band Vesuvio Solo, as well as his independent material released as Cam Maclean) keep him performing throughout the year in Montreal and far beyond.


Photos of Cam,  Megan, and Margaret courtesy of Alana Riley.
Photo of Gabi courtesy of Maxime Desjardins.