Why non-profit? Why community?

  • Because we believe that education and childcare are necessary services and that parents have the right to determine which option is right for themselves and their child/children.
  • Because we do not believe in profiting from the need for these services.
  • Because we believe that any surpluses should be spent making these services better.
  • Because we understand that improving these services is a process made stronger by including the voices of everyone involved.
  • Because we believe that in working with other organizations and individuals in the community, we are giving children the space to play an active role in the community they are a part of and be engaged citizens from an early age.
  • Because we feel that relationships between staff, parents, children, and others in the community should be built on mutual understanding, empowerment, and genuine respect.
  • Because we feel children have an active and vital role to play in community development, and we want them to be heard.

In keeping with these beliefs, The Lion and The Mouse is a proud member of l’Association des halte-garderies communautaires du Québec, COCo (The Centre for Community Organizations) and l’Association francophone pour le savoir.