An internship with The Lion and The Mouse is an opportunity to combine theoretical knowledge with hands on experience working in an environment guided by Forest School and Playwork principles. Interns work alongside but do not replace staff, benefiting from their guidance and experience. There is an opportunity to work with children of a variety of ages (from 1-10) and with a variety of abilities, depending upon the interns background and areas of interest.  It may also be possible for an intern to initiate a special project when it is in line with the organizations values and pedagogical approach.

Eligibility criteria:

  • At The Lion and The Mouse, we believe in compensating people for their work, be it through remuneration or learning. For this reason, we offer two types of internships.
    • 1) Internships with a stipend through the Katimavik program
      • These internships are position specific and candidates must meet Katimavik’s eligibility criteria to apply.
    • 2) Internships for students within the context of an educational program
      • These internships can be adapted to specific learning goals and evaluation schema as needed. Interns must be currently pursuing studies in a relevant area.
        • Possible focus areas include but are not limited to:
          • Early Childhood Education
          • Environmental Education
          • Special Education
          • Elementary Education
          • Community Development
          • Social Enterprise

Application Process:

  • For potential Katimavik interns, please follow the Katimavik application process. Applications for Winter 2018 are now closed.
  • For potential student interns, please send a letter of introduction including information about your area of studies and any specific requirements for your placement along with your CV to . Student interns are accepted on a rolling basis, relative to student’s academic years.
Photo: Gabrielle Doiron